You would never know the rich history behind R Landry’s by just visiting it’s rustic location at 613 Garrison Ave, in Fort Smith, AR.  Owners Natalie Wallace and Dori Colston have a lot to brag about, between the authentic Cajun and Creole food, the boiler menu, the cool laid-back atmosphere, friendly-attentive staff, and so much more.  The thing is, the place started over 20 years ago with Natalie’s parents Randy and Charline Landry.


Randy and Charline had a love affair with good food and as it turns out Randy was an amazing chef himself.  In 1990, after constant begging from friends and relatives, Randy and Charline decided to open up their first location in Poteau, OK.  They opened on Mother’s Day to a swarm of people.  They now lovingly refer to that day as “Mother’s Day Massacre.”


Randy’s recipes were a smash hit.  In 1992 the Landrys moved to Fort Smith, AR across from the Holiday Inn on Rogers Ave.  By this time Natalie had been “tricked” into cooking for the family and that was a good thing! Fort Smith locals and travelers alike fell in love with their new Cajun restaurant.


By 1997 Randy and Charline had decided to retire from the restaurant business, but Natalie had not.  She and her partner Dori decided to open a Landry’s.  A To Go location appeared at the corner of Rogers and Greenwood Avenue in August of 1999.  Once again the restaurant was a smashing success.  By May of 2000 Natalie and her partner Dori had outgrown their small beginnings and moved to Brunwick Place.


Brunwick Place was a crowd and Landry family favorite for eight years.  Lunches were hopping as were the weekends.  Live Music became a regular part of the Landry’s tradition here as did the massive beer menu.  Adults and kids alike called this their favorite restaurant.


By late 2007 Landry’s had once again outgrown their spot and found an amazing place on Garrison Ave.  They opened in January of 2008 and have been going gangbusters ever since!  They are still the favorite place to go for countless people any time of the week, especially on the weekends!  So come on in and enjoy our great selection of Cajun, Creole, and Boiler items.  Don’t forget the kids menu!  We also have a full bar, wine menu and 100 beers with 29 on tap!